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They will no longer be on the world scene. The USA will be as a tree that is reduced to a stump. Few are left alive.

The dead bodies will become food for the wild animals and birds. The USA has turned their back on God.

The preaching has become watered—down. Nearly every perverse sin imaginable has become acceptable. How often do you fast unto the Lord —perhaps for a week each year?

Do you ever fast even for a day? Do you tithe? The Bible teaches FEW go to heaven. Did you ever hear a clergy say any deceased person went to hell?

Some even teach there is a purgatory. It is unbiblical—Lk ,23; 2 Cor A united Europe led by the Antichrist will reach far and wide.

China and the Kings of the East will dominate the east. They should alert the world as to what is happening and lead many to repent and follow Christ.

However, children will betray their parents to the authorities. Wives and husbands will betray each other.

Hate and coldness will be everywhere, but even more toward those that would dare to believe in Christ. False christs and false prophets that do miracles will come forth causing many to be confused and misled.

Following WW3, Jews from around the world that survived will be gathered to their own land of Israel, and none will be left behind.

Massive famines will follow WW3. The black horse of starvation will be released. Increased earthquakes , unusual weather patterns , and huge tidal waves or tsunamis will continue to increase as birth pangs of a woman.

None that are involved with this institution will be raptured, including the priests and pope. This church has its roots back to the Babylonian cult, which claimed to possess the highest wisdom.

The priest then had him in his power. When Attalus died in B. Astrology is part of this church. It is headquartered in a small, independent area of Rome called the Vatican.

It has an almost hypnotic hold on many people. It may be said that the heart of this church is seductiveness, deception, manipulation, domination, and control.

To many, she is the way to heaven, but, in reality, her people are all bound for hell, not the unbiblical purgatory. On the outside, she looks beautiful; but on the inside, she is an abomination.

Kings, heads of nations, and important people will become intoxicated with this Great Harlot during the first part of the Tribulation.

Once a person is entangled in the web of the whore, with its enticing doctrines, beauty, and splendor, then hell awaits them Few ever escape.

As Satan is transformed into an angel of light 2 Cor —15 , even so is this church. The city of Rome will become a center of commerce and trade.

Ships will transport goods all over the world. This includes slaves and young girls. Through her, merchants will become rich.

Greed, money, and power, describe this city. Senseless violence , looting, rioting, destroying, and killing will continue to get worse and worse, as the salt of the earth is gone.

Brutal killings, such as burning people alive, will not be uncommon during the Tribulation. Hate will abound. The Bible reveals that there are two groups in heaven that will be martyred.

One group should be from the first part of the Tribulation—ref Rev — These were not killed for refusing to worship the image, as it does not yet exist.

This is a great multitude that loved not their lives unto the death—Rev They would not take the mark or worship the image.

They are from every nation and are clothed in white robes with palm branches in their hands, which indicates victory. Jesus shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Both groups will come to trust in Jesus Christ during the Tribulation. Every form of abomination , perversion, and sin will increase. Wickedness will be everywhere.

Transgressors will become completely wicked. Alternate lifestyles will be an accepted way of life. Others will go after all kinds of flesh. As the days of Lot , and of Sodom and Gomorrah were, so the earth will be.

The Antichrist will continue to grow in power and authority. All sorts of diseases or pestilences will come upon people in various places. All these things will be like birth pangs of a woman, increasing in frequency and intensity.

Wars and rumors of wars will continue. Wild animals will attack people. Drugs and drunkenness will be everywhere. During the first part of the Tribulation, construction will begin on a new temple on the Temple Mount in Israel.

D, when they had been cut off by Titus. At this time, the sacrifices will begin once again in Israel. The , Many repent. Part one of the Tribulation draws to a close.

The ,, which are redeemed or ransomed from among men, will be before the throne of God on the heavenly Mt. They are the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

They are without fault before the throne of God. When a person is in the Tribulation and all these horrible things are come upon them, if they turn to the Lord their God and obey His voice, God will not forsake them.

He will not forget His covenant, for the Lord God is merciful. The Unexpected Time. However, the Antichrist, proclaiming he is God, will come sooner than expected.

There will be a war in heaven. Satan and his angels will fight against the archangel Michael and his angels. The Devil and his angels will be defeated.

The Devil will be cast down to the earth. One—third of the angels of heaven will also be cast down. There will no longer be any place in heaven for them.

Not only is life a test for the people of the earth, it is also a test for the angels. Will they follow God, or follow Satan?

Satan, which deceiveth the whole world, the bright, shining star that had accused the brethren day and night, will fall from heaven.

There will be rejoicing in heaven. When the Devil sees that he is cast to the earth, he will be furious.

Satan had thought in his heart that the day would come, when he would exalt his throne above the stars of God. He had thought he would be like the Most High.

The greatest slaughter of those that follow Jesus is about to begin. God had warned Israel—when they made an agreement or covenant with the Antichrist or with hell —it would be cancelled.

This agreement started the Tribulation. He told Israel the bed was too short and the covering was too narrow—meaning the agreement was no good—Dan The only true protection one can truly have, must come from God.

Things will be happening so fast that the newsmedia may barely be able to keep up. Approximately 27 major events are expected to happen in about a two week period.

They are both Jews or olive trees. The power of God will protect Moses and Elijah for days, so they cannot be harmed or killed.

Any that try to harm them will be killed by fire. They both will have their natural body and will be clothed in sackcloth. They have the power to shut up heaven, so it does not rain, and to bring all kinds of plagues on the earth.

Note: The rain being cut off causes the Euphrates River to dry up. This enables the Kings of the East to cross over it in the latter part of the Tribulation, as they come to Israel.

Note: Whether the rain being shut off is only in Israel and the Middle East, including the Euphrates, is not known. Scripture does not seem to indicate the whole world will have no rain.

Some wondered if Enoch will be one of the two. He was not a Jew. At Passover, children are taught to expect Elijah to come before the dreadful Day of the Lord which is Armageddon.

They will warn the people against taking the mark and worshipping the image. It is an unforgivable sin. They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom—that is, the year reign of Christ.

All the world will see that their power is greater than that of the Antichrist; yet, most will not heed their warnings.

They will turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers. The world can see it on their handheld devices and the TV.

But then the impossible happens. His deadly wound will be healed. As the Antichrist comes back to life, a spirit will come up from the bottomless pit to occupy his body.

That spirit was once alive, but then dead, and now is alive again in the Antichrist. The world is astonished.

He declares himself to be God and moves into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. The daily sacrifice is taken away. They ascribe to him deity.

Who is able to kill him? The Antichrist will exalt himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped.

He will sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. He honors the god of forces, which is Satan, with gold, silver, precious stones and costly gifts.

He glorifies the Devil which is also called the Dragon in the Scriptures. He will do great miracles and wonders, so that, if it were possible, he could deceive even the very elect of God.

His power will be as a result of Satan. The world will be persuaded that this is god, and he speaks the truth.

He causes craft or deceit to prosper. He has no desire for women. He will change the set times and the laws. The various feast days of the past can be expected to be erased.

He will have power over all people and every nation. He will accuse the God of heaven of things that have never been heard.

He slanders His name, His tabernacle, and those that dwell in heaven. No person, or ruler on earth, has any power or authority to stand against him.

He is as a messenger of light. He has all the power of the Antichrist. He brings glory to the Antichrist and causes the earth to worship the Antichrist.

He does great wonders and miracles. He makes fire come down from the sky as people watch. He deceives the whole world by the miracles he does.

He has the spirit of a devil. He the False Prophet tells the people to make an image of or unto the Antichrist, or to honor the Antichrist.

Satan himself will occupy the image. It actually comes to life and speaks. The image will be set upon a wing of the temple.

The temple will be defiled. As horrible as the first part of the Tribulation is, the second part will be far, far worse. Note Six times the Revelation gives the length of one half of the Tribulation.

However, this always refers to the second part. This will only be understood by a few, until the various events actually happen.

The image speaks. It causes all that will not worship the image to be killed. In other words, it is Satan that will cause those that will not worship Satan to be killed.

Satan had offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, if He would fall down and worship him—ref Mt However, the Antichrist accepts this offer.

He is given all the kingdoms of the world, but it only lasts 42 months. The hatred of Satan, his Antichrist, and the False Prophet against the followers of Christ will be without limit.

They could not count days from the covenant, and then flee. Most Jews should understand this, as that day approaches.

Most Gentiles may not. The first part being cut has to do with the elect Jews, not the Gentiles. Let it be stated this way. If Satan, the Antichrist, and False Prophet would have been allowed by God to have the full days, no flesh should be saved.

The people of Judaea that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ are told to flee instantly and without hesitation.

They are told to do this the instant they see that the image is set on a wing of the temple which is the Abomination of Desolation.

They will be able to see the Abomination as it takes place with their handheld devices. Such a thing was unthinkable not long ago.

Even as the Abomination is occuring, the authorities will already be headed to their houses to arrest them. They are to flee fast to the mountains, to a place God will have prepared for them to dwell in safety.

What should a mother do? If she goes to get her child, both of them will be caught, tortured, and killed. A father has a thought to get a jacket, so he hesitates and gets caught.

The obedient will escape. If a person is caught, the full wrath of Satan will be poured out against them, unless they take the mark and worship the image.

Satan is wroth that the elect Jews escaped. He goes forth to make war against the rest that did not escape, which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

This confirms it will not be days following the covenant, as the season, day, and date should be locked in and could be figured out.

The number that shall escape from Judaea is unknown. The False Prophet causes all people to receive a mark , or the name of the Antichrist , or the number of his name which is in or on their right hand or forehead.

No one can buy or sell without the mark. Without the mark, it will be nearly impossible to survive. A person cannot buy anything, anywhere.

They cannot pay their rent, or utilities, or even their taxes. They cannot receive a salary. This mark will be needed to conduct all financial transactions.

The world will become a cashless society that is totally under the control of the Antichrist. How can a mother get food for her baby?

Those that follow Christ, their faith will be severely tested. The word goes out from an angel. The wrath of God will be upon all that take the mark and worship the Antichrist.

There will be only two choices. These will be? The faith of some will fail under the pressure. How about you?. Following the image being set upon a wing of the temple, people being beheaded should begin, because they will not worship the image.

However, those that are beheaded, actually get the victory over the Antichrist and over the image. These did not receive the number of the name of the Antichrist.

These did keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. These get the victory by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto death.

The instant they are killed, they will be in the presence of God. Power is given to the Antichrist by his father, Satan, over all kindreds, and tongues and nations.

The Antichrist shall be allowed to make war against the saints and the holy people, and will overcome them. The Gentiles throughout the world that choose to follow Christ will have to hide or flee.

As said, survival will be difficult. There will be betrayals in families. Authorities can be expected to pretend they follow Christ in order to trap others that really do.

Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles for the last 42 months. The Antichrist continues in power for days and prospers.

The people of the world will be under his control, except those whose names are written in the book of life. He blasphemies the God of heaven over, and over but glorifies and honors Satan with gifts.

There are no bounds regarding the hatred of Satan, the Antichrist, and False Prophet toward God and those that follow Christ. The last days of the Tribulation will be filled with many judgments from God against those that follow the Antichrist.

Trees will begin to wilt. The fields will be drying up because of no rain. The kings of the earth will go a whoring with her.

They will become intoxicated with her fornication or her hypnotic ceremonies and teachings. But then the Antichrist will proclaim himself to be God and move into the newly rebuilt temple.

The Vatican will be hated by the 10 kings and the Antichrist. They will burn her with fire. She competed for the souls of people as did the Antichrist.

The Great Harlot will come to a fiery end. Her judgment will be from the Lord. The Antichrist will reign supreme and unhindered.

The city of Rome will prosper and become a great financial and trading capital. But it is laiden with sin. During this general time, the city of Rome will also be destroyed by fire in one hour.

The Scriptures list them as two events with each being destroyed for different reasons. During the second part of the Tribulation , the authorities will be looking for people that follow Christ.

Surveillance devices will be everywhere. Is this beginning to happen right now? It will be a time of great fear. People betraying people will be common.

However, many Gentiles, through the mercy of God and His protection, will survive the Tribulation—hiding and running for their lives.

These will go into the Millennium to repopulate the earth. There may be 4 million or more. The falling away from the faith will continue throughout the Tribulation, as people are confronted with torture and death versus life.

Yet, during the Tribulation, many will also come to faith in Jesus Christ. The two witnesses that is, Moses and Elijah continue to cause great problems for the Antichrist.

No one can stop their miracles or plagues. No one can bring back the rain they stopped. No one can stop the testimony that they are giving.

Anyone that tries to kill them are, in turn, killed by fire. Despite the enormous power the Antichrist and False Prophet have, they cannot stop the two witnesses until their time is up, which is days after they appear.

They are given power by God to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. The two witnesses have the power to turn the waters to blood.

This was one of the miracles Moses did thousands of years ago. They also have the power to strike the earth with whatever plague they desire.

Moses did such miracles thousands of years ago. Elijah also had powers to smite the earth with a curse. Elijah also turned the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just and made things ready for the return of the Lord.

Living conditions in Israel and the world will become worse and worse; yet, two—thirds of the Jews and much of the world will take the mark and worship the image.

They will follow Satan and the Antichrist, even though it can clearly be seen the God of heaven working through Moses and Elijah is far stronger than the Antichrist.

As bad as the violence will be in the first part of the Tribulation, the last part is far worse. Violence will reach the point of being as bad as it can get.

Terrible Things Torment the People Locusts. First Woe. It will be horrible. People will be in agony. They will be several inches long.

They come out of the bottomless pit. This is the first of three great woes. Men will seek death and shall not find it. The locusts will not affect those that did not take the mark or worship the image.

Their faces resemble humans. They have long hair like a woman, and their teeth are long and sharp. They have a hard shell like iron, and their tails are like a scorpion.

They swarm over all the earth. They are able to go over water and land. They do not hurt the vegetation.

For 5 months, they will torment the people of the earth, then it will be over. Two more horrible woes are yet to come. The world has already gone through a traumatic experience from the stings of the locusts for 5 months.

Then, all of a sudden, on the face of the whole earth—horrible, disgusting, grievous and painful sores begin to appear on all that take the mark and worship the image.

It is as an ulcerated, ugly, and malignant sore. The pain will be intense. Men will blaspheme the God of heaven, because of their pains and their sores; but they will not repent.

Moses and Elijah are given power to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they wish. Moses with Aaron had brought this same plague in Egypt against Pharaoh.

They had taken handfuls of ashes from a furnace and tossed it into the air. It became fine dust over all the land.

It then became loathsome and malignant, ugly and painful sores—festering boils that broke out on people and even animals. Moses and Elijah will turn the seas so they will become as the blood of a dead man.

They will no longer sustain life. Every living thing in the sea will die. Then the rivers and fountains will be turned to blood throughout the world.

Drinking water will be scarce and food more difficult to find. The blood of saints and prophets will be shed at the hands of many, and, in return, God will give them blood to drink.

Moses had done this in Egypt also. He had stretched out his rod upon the waters of Egypt, their streams, rivers, ponds, and pools.

As a result, the people digged around the river for water to drink, for they could not drink of the water of the river. Next there shall come HEAT.

For a time, the sun will send forth intense heat. People are tormented. They are scorched or burned with fire.

The people of the world will curse God and speak all manner of evil against the God of heaven, Who controls these plagues.

There is much blindness upon the people because of sin. As time progresses toward the end of the Tribulation, both the throne of the Antichrist and his kingdom are plunged into thick darkness.

Israel was his kingdom, and the Temple Mount was his headquarters. The darkness is so intense that it can be felt. It is so thick that it is difficult to even move.

The people cannot see each other. No light can penetrate it. The people still have their sores and are in agony.

Do the people repent? Moses had brought darkness in Egypt that had lasted for three days. Earthquakes continue to increase both in number and intensity.

The spread of diseases will get worse. For some, there is no cure. This is one of the signs of the return of Christ. Sexual diseases keep increasing, as multiple sex partners keep increasing.

Epidemics will arise in various places, which will be hard to control, as people travel all over the world.

Nation will be against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be wars in households, between governments, and between people.

Many people will be hungry, but so will the wild animals. With the rains shut off, conditions will get worse. The animals begin attacking people.

Then they will be gone. It is written, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord: and they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the Word of the Lord, and shall not find it—Amos The second part of the Tribulation will be a time when no man can work the works of God, except Moses and Elijah—ref Jn The unclean, spirits of devils , that is, the spirits of Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet like frogs go forth to the kings of the earth to gather and assemble the armies of the world to the battle or war of the great day of God Almighty.

This is the war of all wars. It was to be fought in the Valley of Megiddo, Jerusalem, and surrounding areas. The armies of the world did not know they were coming to fight against the return of Jesus.

Rather, many were fighting against each other for a time. With their new weapons of mass destruction and a massive number in their military, they become the dominant military force in the last part of the Tribulation.

The Kings of the East , ,, strong, led by China, began their march toward Israel. The mighty men of war, all over the world, will be awakened.

Their weapons will be prepared. They will say they are strong. They are coming to be slaughtered by Jesus Christ and His armies, but none will suspect this.

China had boasted publicly, even before the Rapture, that they could put forth an army of ,, They will indeed put together such a military, which will include other kings of the east allied with them.

These will head westward toward the Euphrates River, and then on to Israel. The army will be so large that it will stretch beyond the horizons.

They will be like a line of ants that has no end and cannot be stopped. As they go forth, they will seem invincible. The Kings of the East arrive at the river Euphrates.

When they arrive, they will find the great river will be mostly dried up. At this time, as a result of the weapons China will have?

We call this WW4. The Tribulation will be nearly over. The Battle of Armageddon is ahead. The Kings of the East will continue to travel toward Israel.

A devouring fire will go before them. What will be left, as they pass through various areas, will be a desolate wilderness. Their aircraft will leap over the mountains with a noise like the roaring of a forest fire.

The nations will be in anguish at the sight of them. As they march, they will not break their ranks.

Right up to the time of Armageddon, people will be eating and drinking, getting married, and going about their lives not realizing the end of nearly all life on earth was only days away, and Jesus was returning.

Their strong cities will be broken down. The trees will be withered. The fields will be wasted. The harvest will have perished.

The seed will have rotted. The vines will be dried up. The animals will groan for water and pasture.

Fires will burn up much of the wilderness. The world population, at the time of the Rapture, may be plus or minus seven and one—half billion 7,,, When the Rapture comes, a very small number of people will be taken by the Lord.

It will be much lower than most think. This is because many profess they know Christ, but in their fruits and works they deny Him—Titus Also an unknown number will be killed for their faith during the first part of the Tribulation.

This may leave under 5,,, people on the earth, including new births. Also millions will be beheaded , who refused to worship the image of the Antichrist, during the second part of the Tribulation.

Others will continue to die from famines, various wars around the world, diseases , and from other things. That should leave a world population of under 3,,, at the time of Armageddon.

Despite all that will happen, the world will not repent. Moses and Elijah will be witnessing and prophesying for days.

Most of the world will reject their message. No one can kill them until their days are finished. The Antichrist will then be able to kill them, as their time is up.

It is as if the world wants to make sure no one will steal their bodies, and afterward say, they rose from the dead. So people all over the world will see their dead bodies.

Precisely 84 hours after Moses and Elijah are killed, the spirit of life from God enters into them, just as prophesied.

The two witnesses stand upon their feet. Great terror comes upon those that see this. The laughing and giving of gifts suddenly stop.

A deafening silence may come, as people are terrified. Even though the world had been told that Jesus will return, few probably believed it until now.

Each will be greater than the one before it. The first will be so great that a tenth of the city of Jerusalem will lie in ruin, and seven thousand people will be killed.

The temple the Antichrist had occupied may collapse at this time. The world continues to blaspheme the God of heaven. At the time of this great earthquake , the Tribulation ends.

The days, since the Abomination of Desolation happened, will expire. From the time the two witnesses ascend up, to the time of Armageddon, will be a very few days; yet, about 92 major events should take place.

The total distance is about miles The armies will also stretch up to the Kidron Valley also called the Valley of Jehoshaphat, or Valley of Decision which is around Jerusalem.

The land will be full of gold and silver from the armies of the world. The power of the holy people had been broken. Armageddon is on the doorstep, and Jesus is about to return.

The seventieth week of Daniel is ended. There will be no boundries or limitations to the sins of the people. Hatred without bounds will be everywhere.

As it has been stated—if Jesus had not returned at the exact time He does, there would be no one left alive. The shape of Israel is approximately miles long or km and not very wide.

Its narrowest point is about 12 miles. At 60 miles per hour, a person could drive across it in a straight line in about 12 minutes.

The clouds begin to grow thick. The sun begins to disappear. The moon becomes a reddish color like blood, and then disappears as the clouds increase.

Darkness begins to envelope the land. Jerusalem is the center of the attack. All the nations are gathered against it.

As the ruthless soldiers enter Jerusalem, the light from the moon and the stars will be disappearing. The soldiers show no mercy.

They take whatever they want. Half of the city goes into exile, but the rest of the people are not taken out. The invaders will run around the city, and back and forth in the city.

They will be numerous like ants. They enter the houses like thieves. The women are raped. The invaders of Israel will cast lots for and sell the children of Israel.

A boy will be given for a harlot. A girl will be sold for wine, so they can drink. Armageddon will now be ready to explode. The mountains begin to move.

Volcanoes begin to pour out smoke and ash. There will be lightnings, voices, thunderings, and great hail. It could simply be said Jesus comes back to the earth.

The battle lasts 24 hours, few people are left alive, and then it is over. It is written: The heavens will roll together as a scroll.

The great Day of the Lord is near. Behold, the Day of the Lord cometh , cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

Alas for the day! There was silence in heaven. The Battle of Armageddon, at this time, is at hand. Jesus—The First Time. When Jesus came the first time, He came as a lamb to be slaughtered.

He was tortured. His beard was ripped off His face. He was marred worse than any man. He was almost unrecognizable.

He suffered an agonizing death. He did this to pay the price for the sin of every person that would repent and trust in Him as their only hope of salvation.

Approximately years after He was crucified and rose from the dead—Jesus will return. However, this time, He will return as the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

He will return in power and great glory to a world that will be so full of sin, rebellion, violence, and hatred that words cannot adequately convey it.

Since that time, those that follow Christ have watched. Titus —Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

The world will reject the God of heaven for the Antichrist. Technology and false knowledge had also replaced the God of heaven.

Even communion reveals the coming of the Lord. The temple of God will open. Heaven opened. His eyes will be like a flame of fire. On His head will be many crowns.

He will be dressed with a robe dipped in blood. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. Those that follow Jesus will be clothed in fine linen, clean and white.

Regarding Armageddon, there should be six parts. The first is when Satan and his angels confront Jesus returning in the air. The second is when the Antichrist and False Prophet are eliminated.

The third part is when Jesus arrives on the earth. His feet stand upon the Mt. The fourth part is Jesus on Mt.

He defends Jerusalem. The fifth is Megiddo. The sixth and last part is the whole world. There are more verses of Scripture in the Bible regarding the Battle of Armageddon, than any other single event.

Satan and his angels will meet the Lord in the air, but will be overcome. He will be brought down to hell, to the depths of the pit.

He will have a seal put upon him , so he cannot deceive the nations or people any longer. From the fall of Adam and Eve until this point, there has never been a time when the human race was free from being bombarded with evil, deceptive, lustful, enticing thoughts that were put in their mind by the devil; but they never understood this.

Neither do the churches teach it. As a result of Satan having that seal put upon him, a most incredible thing will happen. Suddenly, throughout the world, the multitude of wrong, evil, accusing, hateful, self—reliant and self—centered thoughts, everyone has had from their childhood, will be gone.

One moment the armies of the world are confident. Then, all of a sudden, they see things as they really are. Terror will fill their hearts. The tamborines will stop.

The harps will go silent. Minutes before, the armies were prepared to do battle. Now, they are terrified. They will have no leader to give them direction in their thoughts.

As Christ returns, the Antichrist will stand up against Jesus, but will be broken by spiritual power.

Jesus will consume him with the breath of His mouth. The Antichrist will be destroyed with the brightness or splendor, or glory of the coming of the King of kings.

The Antichrist and False Prophet will be cast alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. They will go into perdition. Once Satan, the Antichrist, and False Prophet are eliminated, the armies of the world in Israel will be in complete disarray.

They will be confused. They will be terrified. Fear will grip the earth. As already said, this has never happened since the fall of Adam and Eve.

The sun is darkened, the moon no longer will give her light. Then, the sign of the Son of man will appear all over the earth.

This will happen on the tenth day of the seventh month, according to the Jewish calendar. This is usually in the month of September.

It will be the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement. At the beginning of the day which is the evening Jesus should return.

The King of kings and Lord of lords will return with fire and clouds, in power and great glory. Thousands upon thousands of His saints will be with Him.

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